Vocation and geographical sector

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Making the bus a natural choice

SIBRA - Bus standard Viaduc

The vocation of Sibra, the inter-communal bus company for the Annecy region, is to commercialise the urban public transport service for the 13 communes of the Annecy agglomeration in the context of a delegation of public services:

Annecy Cran-Gevrier Montagny-les-Lanches Quintal
Annecy-le-Vieux Epagny Poisy


Argonay Metz-Tessy Pringy  
Chavanod Meythet    

As the organising authority, the Communauté de l'agglomeration d'Annecy (C2A) is pursuing an ambitious and strongly motivated policy in the field of urban transportation and has given Sibra the task of achieving 3 major objectives within its geographical sector:

  • To increase the public transport offering and its use,SIBRA - Bus articulé devant le Décavision
  • To provide a quality service, 
  • To develop the network in order to anticipate changes in the agglomeration.

This transport policy goes hand in hand with a continuing effort towards innovation and preservation of the environment, in order to make the bus a natural choice.

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